Races of Kolebka; Nede

Nede is inhabited by a wide variety of races, which fill a wide variety of roles. While an individual can typically follow whatever path he finds himself suited for, the following generalizations hold true for most individuals of the indicated races. Humans: Humans are the most common and varied race both in Nede and on […]

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Kingdom of Nede – Overview

mond Welcome, to the Kingdom of Nede. Nede is a feudal monarchy, ruled by the royal family and various vassals. Like much of Telvar, it is in the midst of an industrial revolution thanks to the discovery of steam power and gunpowder; as such, it has experienced a population boom, and is now home to […]

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      The Empire of Nede is home to many cultures, and almost as many faiths. Ranging from animism, to ancestor worship, to diabolism, to the worship of demons and bizarre and ancient beings from beyond the stars, no religion is illegal in the Empire, though the practices of many religions (such as unsanctioned demon summoning […]