Kingdom of Nede – Overview

mondkingdom of nede

Welcome, to the Kingdom of Nede.

Nede is a feudal monarchy, ruled by the royal family and various vassals. Like much of Telvar, it is in the midst of an industrial revolution thanks to the discovery of steam power and gunpowder; as such, it has experienced a population boom, and is now home to to some 10 million souls. Its capital city, Winchestry, hosts the Chrysanthemum Palace, home of Her Eminence Queen Emilia Starheart; there is currently no king.

Nede, like every other civilized nation, uses the gold standard for their currency, making the gold piece the base unit from which all others are derived, though the silver is the most common unit of transaction. Under this system, the currencies are diamond-shaped Platinum Crowns, triangular Gold Sovereigns, crescent-shaped Electrum Scepters (these are worth 5 Crests and are sometimes called Half-Sovs), shield-shaped Silver Crests and Copper Pennies. Pennies, crests and sovereigns have a small hole in the center for threading onto cords or thongs so as to make it more convenient to carry fairly large amounts; scepters (due to their rarity) and crowns (due to their value) do not have these holes. This is the system used throughout the civilized world, though Electrum is rarely used outside of Nede.

Though the names, shapes and sizes of currencies vary by nation, the Carnasis Consortium (aka the bankers guild), which has it’s headquarters in Talviston (see below) ensures that every coin meets exact specifications of weight and purity, meaning that every copper, gold, silver and platinum coin has the exact same value regardless of where it was minted. The Consortium also issues promissory notes, which are signed and sealed by a notarized banker and marked to have a specific value.

Though the capital is Winchestry, it is actually only the third largest city, with a population of about 15,300.. The largest, by both size and population, is Talviston, with a population of approximately 27,500 people of nearly every race, followed by Port Lanamp, the kindgom’s center for maritime trade, with a population of ~18,700. Mineton, with a population of ~12,000 is the fourth largest, but is arguably the most important due to its position at the base of the Hollow Mountain.

Though most races are common within Nede’s borders, the savage races are exceedingly rare, except the Sahuagin who dwell in the Sea of Copper and the Devis Ocean. After humanity, dwarves are the most common race and dwell in the Fangs, the jagged mountain range east of Winchestry. They share this territory with the nomadic Wyvarans, and conflicts between the two races are common as Wyvarans often steal dwarven livestock during lean seasons.


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